I grew up on a steady diet of MAD magazine, so I am well versed in the art of satire. Humor has been alongside me in various forms to get me through the tough spots in life. This piece I wrote from the late 90’s(?) is one example.

I was still one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and thumbing through magazines while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. I came across this picture of a woman who carved a cow out of butter! The article said Duffy Lyon’s life sized butter cows were a 40 year tradition at the Iowa State Fair. Even as a staunch JW, my humor kicked in as I began to imagine the ridiculous way my religion might view this. So I went home and wrote a Watchtower style article about the pagan act of carving golden calves from butter. Laughing at the absurdity of it all, it served as another reminder of who I am and the tool for healing that exists inside me. Eventually I missed myself enough to leave the cult. In fact, six months after I was disfellowshipped for apostasy (along with a minor charge of sarcasm), I was at clown camp. Humor is medicine, here have a dose.

Iowa Woman Carves Golden Calf

As the time of the end draws closer, it comes as no surprise that Satan’s efforts to misdirect our worship in subtle ways manifests itself even in the innocence of Midwest festivals.

Witnesses of Jehovah God are well aware of the Israelites lack of faith in crafting a golden calf and exclaiming, “this is our god!” We have been enlightened on how “these things became our examples, for us not to be persons desiring injurious things, even as they desired them.” (1 Corinthians 10:6) Do not be misled brothers! How many times have you desired a second helping of mashed potatoes only to savor the sweet, creamery butter on top? Idolatry, pure and simple!

You may murmur, “oh, that kind of stuff only goes on in Iowa.” True, the deceptive art of creating bovine idols from butter has it’s origins in Iowa, but could we be feeding at the table of demons each time we allow ourselves another pat of butter? Do we really want to clog the arterial channel of holy spirit simply for another drizzle over our popcorn? Remember, the apostle Paul advised seasoning with salt! (Colossians 4:6) Nowhere in the Hebrew or Greek scriptures does it advise flavoring our popcorn with butter!

Brothers, now is no time to get caught up in the imitation spread Satan has laid out for false worship. Now is the time to decide for Divine — not bovine –worship!

Keep yourself in God’s love (and humor!), Julie